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Too Many Clients

Too Many Clients - Rex Stout Nero Wolfe finances in the beginning of the novel:
Empty Pockets
To make it worse, this guy is about to come:
So Archie Goodwin tried to find a client:
The result of his search? He found this many:
The investigation led Archie to a millionaire's love nest:
Sorry, I try to keep my review rated PG.

Anyway, this is the brief synopsis of the novel with minimal spoilers. In the words of Archie himself, "When I go dig for the client, I really do my job well". So Wolfe's finances are saved, the culprit is brought to justice - Wolfe's style - and Wolfe's household got paid and became happy. The end.

The main thought in my head during the reading was, "It is good to be a millionaire". Well, except for the murder part that is. Considering this book was first published in 1955 being a millionaire does not cut in anymore, but having billions is still as good as having millions was in the good old fifties.

So in conclusion this book is on the level of practically all stories of the series which means highly entertaining with usual great character interaction and good mystery with surprising culprit.