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Exile - R.A. Salvatore A buddy read with Kristen, Gavin, and Kaora.

This book picks up right where the first one ended. For this reason I cannot give any big details about plot as they will spoil the ending of the first book. Sufficient to say Drizzt is still alive which is not a big surprise as this is the second book of the series about him featuring 15 more.
He struggles trying to retain his humanity, or elfinity in his case (hey look, I made up a new word!). He also finally made some real friends. We also get to have a fairly good glimpse at a very interesting civilization of guys who came straight from the pages of this book:

This book avoids the dreaded Second Book of a Trilogy syndrome: it is not boring. In fact it is much more action oriented than the first one. Drizzt simply does not have much time for brooding. This was a deciding factor in my rating. I saw too many trilogies with interesting world building in the first book, exciting conclusion in the last one and throwaway filling in the second one. I expected mindless entertainment and this is exactly what I got.

I am eager to start the last book of the trilogy, especially considering the way this one ended.