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Homicide Trinity

Homicide Trinity - Rex Stout, Stephen Greenleaf The anthology consists of three novellas:

Eeny Meeny Murder Mo.
There were several times before when a dead body was found in or around Wolfe's home: one time on the front steps, and another was right in his office. Both times the detective took it as a great personal insult. Imagine his reaction when a dead body not only made a surprise appearance in his office, but his own necktie was used to strangle the victim.
Nothing - and I do mean nothing - will stop him from getting the villain before the police does.

Usually Wolfe is fairly impersonal in his investigations, but in this case he gloated at the murderer when he finally nailed him/her. The last page of the story contains a priceless scene. Suffice to say it left wisecracking Archie Goodwin speechless - most probably the first time in his life.

Death of a Demon.
A woman became obsessed with shooting her husband.
Her solution? She went to Nero Wolfe and paid him for just listening to her about this with the promise that in case her husband is really shot he would disclose the conversation to the police. His reasoning was she would not want to do it as in this case she would not be able to avoid being caught. There is a really big hole in this logic which Wolfe spotted right away. Later events confirmed his arguments.

Wolfe uses interesting psychological play to uncover the culprit.

Counterfeit for Murder
An old unattractive lady came to Wolfe for consultation. Usually this is not the type of people who need his services considering the fees for said services, but Archie Goodwin decided to teach his boss a lesson and let her in.
Before both detectives knew it they had a dead body, a bunch of counterfeit money, pissed off police, and equally pissed off Secret Service (Department of Treasury) on their hands.

As I mentioned usually Wolfe's clients are very rich and most of the time not very nice people. This time he finally had a client I was able to sympathize with. I actually hoped the first dead body to make an appearance would not be hers. Imagine you have an old aunt, slightly batty but very nice nonetheless.

As usual for any book of the series my final rating is 4 stars.