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Death of a Doxy

Death of a Doxy - Rex Stout, Sandra West Prowell I learned a new word. If you look up "doxy" in Wikipedia it says, "Archaic for prostitute". It is not exactly the case here as the better term would be "kept woman". I try to keep my review rated PG-13, so please do not expect any related pictures here - these are easy to find, so have something cute which has nothing to do with the story whatsoever, like a piglet:

Archie Goodwin does the majority of legwork for Nero Wolfe who almost never leaves his house. When the former is not enough Wolfe uses three other people who according to both main detectives are very good at what they do. This time one of the three was arrested on a murder suspicion and Wolfe decided it is his duty to clear up his name. The obvious way to do it is to find the real culprit. Not only he has to do something he hates (work), he is not expected to get paid for this or even be compensated for the expenses; not a good start no matter how you look at it. Fear not, Wolfe is not called genius for nothing: by the end of the day he will get paid.

The novel is notable for one very interesting character called Julie Jacquette - this is her pseudonym. She was fun to watch as she managed to subdue Wolfe in his own house: something no woman has ever done before. At the time of the writing the author was 79 years old; this example clearly shows at that age he still knew how to write interesting people who really feel alive.

Everything taken together - quirky new characters, good mystery, Wolfe's showing his deduction skills, and more personality of the recurring characters - add to 4 star rating.