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Find a Victim

Find a Victim - Ross Macdonald Lew Archer picked up a hitchhiker dying from a gunshot wound. The guy died despite Archer's best effort, so the latter decided to poke around in the nearby small town where the victim was living. I am talking about a quiet peaceful small town where everybody not only knows everybody, but also relates to everybody. In fact at one point I had troubles remembering how every person was related to everybody else: and they all did.
small town

What did Arches find for being too nosy? Thugs who rearranged his face, some more dead bodies, and practically all kinds of crime imaginable (and sometimes it takes really perverse imagination to think up stuff he encountered).

I was not blown away by the mystery part like I was in the previous book of the series. The identity of the main culprit was obvious fairly early, so I was sure I would rate this novel with 3.5 stars. However some parts really struck too close to home. I saw things described there in real life. My grandmother lived in such small town and some of the stories she told were really unsettling.

Please do not think I try to badmouth every single small town and every single person living there. In fact there were several fairly decent people in the book as well. So with these arguments the final rating is 4 stars.