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The Galton Case

The Galton Case - Ross Macdonald A wealthy couple disowned their only son who was too liberal for them. Twenty years passed and the guy seemed to disappear from the face of the Earth. Now his dying mother wanted to have reconciliation with him so she hired Lew Archer through her attorney for seemingly hopeless lost person search. Archer actually did not even have time to agree to the job before the first dead body dropped by to say hi.

My biggest complaint about the previous book was the actual lack of investigation by Archer. This time the guy really earned his money. It has already become an everyday routine for him when somebody takes his car using a gun as a very effective persuasion tool. This time is not an exception. He also got beaten up a couple of times, pretty bad even by his own standards (bad guy always love to use him as a punching bag).

As I already mentioned this is a big improvement over the previous book which was so weak that is almost made me reconsider my decision to read the whole series. This one brought back my faith in the series. Even though I did not like the way the novel ends it still deserves 4 stars.

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