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The Goodbye Look

The Goodbye Look - Ross Macdonald Lew Archer was hired to investigate a burglary at a house of a rich family. Rich people always avoid bad publicity like plague, so he was supposed to be very discreet in his investigation. To give you an idea about the level of discretion he was hired by a wife through the family lawyer with the husband having no clue about this and Archer was to keep him this way. A dead body showed up soon with the murder weapon being the same gun as the one used fifteen years ago in another unsolved murder.
A sekleton with a gun
Dead bodies from the past and the present keep showing up.

The common theme for most of the novels of the series is children who pay for sins of the fathers (and mothers). The dirty past when disturbed results in yet more dirt and its cover-up by all means possible. I think Macdonald has perfected this particular trope; if anybody does it better I have not read such books yet.

This book features another teen girl in love who behaves like a normal human being and not like a spoiled retarded selfish brat typical for modern YA literature. Please read this not just for a good mystery, but also to learn how to write good characters most people can relate to.

Taken along with other books of the series this one is fairly average: there are better ones and there are worse ones. This means 4 stars rating from me.