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The Underground Man

The Underground Man - Ross Macdonald Lew Archer became a witness of a quarrel of a couple on the brink of a divorce related to their son. His mother reluctantly let his father to take the little guy to visit her mother-in-law. Shortly after they departed there was an announcement about forest fires right where the husband with his son were headed.
Forest fires
Worried about her son, the wife asked Archer to check on his safely. This seemingly innocent request resulted in Archer uncovering a trail of seemingly unrelated dead people - from both the present and the past - killed in seemingly unrelated crimes as well as deeply troubled teens and their equally troubled parents.

This is a typical novel of the series where dark past comes back to haunt the people in present. It has more than enough plot twists to make for a very engagement and exciting read with countless connections between lots of different people with different social standings all coming into play. All of these connections are so tightly weaved that I had to stop a couple of times during my read to make sure I still follow the development and I still remember who is who.

The identity of the main villain revealed practically on the last page and it was a complete surprise to me. The only reason I rated this book with 4 stars as opposed to perfect 5-star rating was the fact that I was not convinced by the villain's motives that came out somewhat weak. Still is it an engagement and highly recommended read. I have only two books of the series left and I plan to start on the next one right away.