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Sleepers - Megg Jensen Two kingdoms fought a war and one lost - one of the fighters always does. Three kids from the loser side were taken to be raised in the royal court as a sign of peace between two nations. Lianne - the main heroine - is one of these kids. She grew up to be a handmaiden to the queen of victors. She was in love with a boy (another one of the trio) while all but ignoring the last taken boy who happened to be somewhat handicapped as a result of an accident.

Nothing out of the ordinary keeps happening until Lianne was about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. At this point her whole world came crashing down, literally. She is forced to reevaluate her whole life, among other lesser things.

I read this book during the period of my infatuation with indie and self-published fantasy. This one was not too bad actually. Surely it is quite heavy on romance side. On the other hand this was done in such a way that I realized that the romance was taking too much plot time only when I finished reading.

As a fantasy romance (please do not mix this with paranormal romance which is a completely different beast) it does have quite a few of the standard tropes including heroine's angst. Once again it was not over the top and quite bearable.

It was still more or less standard fair until the BIG plot twist came up. This one was completely unexpected and took me by surprise. I do not need to tell you that as a result of said twist the book ends in a cliffhanger and nothing whatsoever gets resolved, but I still seriously considered giving this book 3.5 star rating; the impossibility to use half stars on GoodReads and Amazon was one of the major reasons I did not.

The following picture has nothing do do with the book whatsoever: