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My Gun Is Quick

My Gun Is Quick - Mickey Spillane A toughest roughest American PI Mike Hammer is back in action. By pure accident he met a prostitute who is drop-dead gorgeous like every single woman in the series. She was instantly drawn to him like every single woman in the series. Our PI was moved by her situation and gave her some money hoping she would abandon her (world oldest) profession and start living a decent life.

She ended up dead instead and Mick Hammer is royally pissed off. For those unfamiliar with the character I can give a very simple and easy explanation of what pissed off Make Hammer looks like. To put it simply I am sure this guy was inspired by our tough PI:
Yes, I wanted to be fair to Mickey Spillane and checked: Hulk appeared after the first books of this series were published. Come to think of it, forget my explanation: Huck is a real wimp compared to Mike Hammer as I have no doubts who would win in one-on-one fight (hint: not a green weakling).

As I already mentioned when our PI does not fight bad guys he fights gorgeous women who jump at him at literally every single page. These are fights where he usually ends up losing - he does not try hard. I can imagine him looking like the following in the eyes of every single woman:
David Gandy

As to the guy's mental abilities I am sorry to say, he completely justifies his last name - I was able to figure out the identity of villain way before him. He could prevent a couple of deaths by being a little smarter by the way.

It is easy to guess the characterization is not the strongest part of the series and even the best written characters are only two-dimensional. Regarding the dialog, I actually enjoyed it when it was cheesy because when it was not cheesy it was wooden.

Those familiar with my review of the first book can see that not much changed since then. I always insist that every person has a right to have his/her own opinion - regarding literature - and I would never fault that opinion, but I warn you all: if you ever mention Mickey Spillane in the same sentence as Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, or Ross Macdonald I will de-friend you instantly and without any regret. The latter three were undisputed classics of noir mystery; the former was a talentless hack.

As you can easily guess from the descriptions above I am done with the series. Now that I stopped my bashing I would like to mention that despite everything I said the book has some strange charm. I did not get bored reading it; I almost drowned in cheese, but that is another story. When it comes to being stuck on a desert island with only one book I can think of countless examples of worse ones. I even felt generous at one point and almost rated it with 2.5 stars, but I realized that it would mean I have to read the next book and I was not that generous.

Do not even try to start your acquaintance with noir mystery by reading this. Read anything by the three classics of the genre I mentioned above.