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The Chronicles Of Captain Blood

The Chronicles Of Captain Blood - Rafael Sabatini One of the titles of this book - namely Captain Blood Returns - has got to be one of the most misleading titles I ever stumbled upon. He does not return from anywhere, most definitely not from what happened in the end of the first installment of the series. The Chronicles of Captain Blood is another title and it is much more suitable.

Basically this is a collection of ten short stories (or novellas) related to Peter Blood naval adventures taking place during the time described in the middle of the first book. Some of the stories are standalone and some are connected to previous ones - in pairs. If you feel like there was not enough actual pirating and all the related fun: this is the book for you.

The stories I mentioned mostly feel like the parts that were cut from the first book to keep it lean. Make no mistake, they are fast-moving and full of adventures, narrow escapes, naval and land battles, resulting plunder, and buried treasure (what kind of a pirate tale would it be without at least one of such?).
Buried Treasure

I was not bored even for a second while reading this book which I highly recommend to any fan of swashbuckling pirate tales.
Pirate Battle
I rated the first book a little higher, so to keep things fair I rate this book a little lower: 3 stars; this is still a very good rating with very solid 3 stars.