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The Fortunes of Captain Blood

The Fortunes of Captain Blood - Rafael Sabatini The last book of the trilogy feels like a second half of the second one to the point where I really do not understand why these two could not be combined - this is actually what I did with my copies (Calibre rules) and as the result the reading experience was quite smooth.

Everything I said about the second installment applies here so I could just copy my review of that one and paste it here. Anyway, this is a collection of 6 shortish stories about further exploits of Peter Blood; all of them take place during the middle part of the first book.


The stories were still fun to read although by the very end I began feeling like Captain Blood overstated his welcome somewhat. I am talking about last couple of pages here, so this feeling did not affect my rating at all. The least I can say is that this book and the whole trilogy have exactly the right length without reader feeling being rushed through the plot and without getting bored of some repetitions.

To make a long story short if you like good old-fashion adventures with all kinds of pirate-related activities written way before such activities became worn out cliches read the trilogy. If you feel you need more tales of high-seas pirate life after you finished the second book, read this one. If you did not like the second book avoid the last one as it is more of the same.

The final rating is 3 solid stars: quite good, but not great.