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Princeps' Fury

Princeps' Fury - Jim Butcher Do not even try to read the blurb for this book as its first sentence gives a spoiler of the size of a blue whale (I mean the bigger specimens of that sea mammal):
Blue whale size
Fortunately here I am, describing the plot while trying to minimize the spoilers.

The other title for the book which works even better would be Tavi Come Home.
Yes, I am thinking about this movie:
Lassie Come Home
The big bad enemy of Alera is back and it got bigger and badder this time.
Big Bad Wolf
Believe it or not, the image is highly appropriate.

Usually Tavi saves the day, but this time he is away in a foreign land which - the land that is - is in even worse shape than Alera. So while Tavi and the people he travels with try to survive, Alerans try to do the same but none believes they can actually do it.

Well, that was obscure and very generic, just like the meaning of the following (this was one of the first results for Google Image search of "Obscure"):
There are practically no spoilers in here though. How does one describe the plot of fifth book of a series which tells one big story?

The development of characters while not drastic or big still continues in this installment. Tavi does show weaknesses and some faults and does not look like this anymore:

The novel is similar to previous four: desperate epic battles, last-minute escapes, heroics, backstabbing politics, exotic enemies and even more exotic allies, Pokémon I mean Furies - these are all here.

Five books down, one more to go. I jumped straight to the last book right after finishing this one. This was an easy decision considering that while previous four novels each had some conclusion, this one does not exactly end in a cliffhanger, but it has no satisfying resolution whatsoever.

P.S. If a cover shows an event that happens one page before the epilogue, can it be considered a spoiler?