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Firefight - Brandon Sanderson Firefight

A High Epic threatens a peaceful life of Newcago from the former Manhattan now called Babylon Restored. A group of Reconers has to answer the challenge, so David accompanied by Prof and Tia gets to see new places, make new friends, and kill them. It actually is not as exciting as it sounds.

At this point I became convinced that Brandon Sanderson, while being an excellent and very productive writer, cannot write an exciting middle book of the trilogy. Let me take Mistborn as an example. After an exciting fast-moving first book people stopped doing anything even remotely exciting in the second one pondering the question, "OK. We overthrew a tyrant. Now what?" This is exactly the question David and other Reconers constantly ask themselves here.

In addition to this David is bothered by a question about the redemption of malevolent Epics. Sure, this woman kept killing people left and right just to show her point, but she looked with such pleading eyes on David right before he stopped her. She could not be all that bad, could she? Hint: yes, she could.

Remember the powerful prologue of the first book? It is completely forgettable here. David's bad metaphors are still present, but they can only carry the book this far before getting stale. Do not get me wrong the book is still worth (weak) 4 stars, but where I completely forsake me sleep during the reading of the first one I was not in any danger of doing it reading the second book.

So a good novel with some decent action and a mystery, but do not expect anything spectacular like a motorcycle chase from the second part of book 1; some spark is gone. Once again judging by Mistborn trilogy the last installment should be better so I am patiently await its release.