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The Black Lung Captain

The Black Lung Captain - Chris Wooding Malcolm Reynolds Darian Frey is the captain of a spaceship Firefly flying ship Ketty Jay. Sorry about the confusion, but these are very similar and thus are easy to get mixed up. Anyway, Captain Frey seemingly had never heard the famous expression "if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is". He fell for yet another get-rich-quick offer and as a result he and his crew have to dodge bullets flying at them from literally every direction practically non-stop through the whole book.

Let me start with bad pats about this installment to get it over with. The overall general plot is exactly the same as the previous one. Frey is caught up in his own petty scheme in the very beginning and barely gets away with his life to immediately find a person who asks him to do a job for ridiculously high amount of money. Greed wins; non-stop life-threatening situations ensure.

In the first book Frey is a lying cheating scumbag; he suddenly became noble in this one. I could not care about scumbag Frey of the first book; he is boring and unbelievable being noble. Can I please have the old one back? Pretty please?

Have I mentioned hail of bullets constantly flying in the direction of Ketty Jay crew? Worry not; all the people shooting at them have even worse marksmanship than an average Imperial Stormtrooper - and here I thought Stormtroopers were unbeatable in this department.
Imperial Stormtrooper miss
None of the key people were hit even once.

My next nitpick relates to humor and it is just me. Do you find lots of innocent bystanders slaughtered wholesale funny? In this case you will like humor more than I did. I would also like to mention that the ending was way too cheesy.
Cheese Overload

On the positive side the plot was fast-moving with practically no slow parts and it managed to keep my interest - bad parts and all. I will definitely read the last two books of the series even in the unlikely case the next one is very bad. 3 very solid stars is the final rating.