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Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz - L. Frank Baum Would I spoil things if I mention something that implied in the title? Yes, Dorothy got to Oz eventually, but it took her about two thirds of the book to finally arrive there. This time she was minding her own business riding from a train station to a Californian ranch where her uncle was waiting for her when she fell into a deep crack appearing as a result of an earthquake. She was shortly joined none other than the former Wizard of Oz himself. Trying to get to the surface they met a lot of fascinating magical creatures and places.

Glass Country

In case anybody still have any doubts about the strength of L. Frank Baum's imagination, look no further than this book. The places and creatures I mentioned are very unusual and mostly great. On the negative side Dorothy's awful accent I was complaining about in the review of the previous book is back, but luckily this time it is much milder.

Another negative part is that I feel the last several chapters were overly drawn and at least one of them (the whole court proceedings) was unnecessary. It is more like a social commentary which is out of place in a pure children book.

Before I began writing my review I decided to see what other people have to say about the novel; it was a very bad idea. People complain about racism based on the fact that not all creatures Dorothy met were friendly. People complain about sexism based on the fact that Dorothy did not try to play Terminator (T-1000 model) to get her group out of tight spots. I am surprised I could not find complaints about author not including a token homosexual character. May I remind all the book was written more than one hundred years ago? My only wish would be for complainers to grow up as they look like children throwing a tantrum.

A spoiled Child

So in the conclusion the great imagination slightly marred by unnecessary drawn final part gives 3 stars as the final rating.