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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie Ten Figures

To talk about the plot of this book however briefly would give spoilers right away. For people who have not read them, spoilers kill Agatha Christie books. Basically there is a small isolated island bought by an American millionaire which was later sold to a mysterious party generating a lot of rumors about the latest buyer. A group of very different people ended up on the island.

If you are familiar with the Dame of Mystery's writing you would guess there will be a murder. If you have read several books of her, you know she rarely stops at just one dead body. This is all.

I insist that nobody comes anywhere close to Christie when it comes creating a complicated exciting and fair mystery - both before or after her, up to this day. British people seems to agree with me as they made her a Dame for her contribution to literature. I am sure quite a few readers from other countries fully agree. This book is considered to be her best by many. At this point I could just stop and would still consider my review to be complete and the reasons for my rating clearly explained.

The images used are from the Soviet movie Desyat Negrityat (Десять негритят) which is still the only movie adaptation of the book which remain completely true to its source material. What is it about movie people insisting on making changes to a classic of mystery? Are they trying to improve the perfection? This is doomed to failure.

The final conclusion: if you like mysteries or thrillers (this book successfully combines both) this one is a must read. Can you guess what is going on before the epilogue? It is actually quite simple if you think about it, but there are a lot of red herrings to hide the answer in the plain sight.

My special thanks go to Erin for the book discussion.