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The Penitent Damned (The Shadow Campaigns, #0.5)

The Penitent Damned (The Shadow Campaigns, #0.5) - Django Wexler You are a head of the Secret Police - or its equivalent; you are feared and have mystical (and practically mythical) beings at your disposal. For you nefarious purposes you want to catch the best thief available.

What is the most common and most obvious way to do it? Tempt him/her with "retrieving" a tightly-guarded object promising a very large reward hitting thief's both self-esteem and greed with one stone and hope said self-esteem and greed make him/her forget a well-known saying about things too good to be true.

This is the setup for the short story - it is just 20 pages long. The thief is question turned out to be a young woman Alex who is skillful enough (including some supernatural abilities as well) to be tempted by the job offer. In this case it is clear that skillful is not equal to smart. Still Alex might be good enough to escape the trap.

I have not read the main series yet. The way I understand it this story has nothing to do with them except that it takes place in the same world. Speaking about which there were enough hints and sketches about it to make the world interesting for people unfamiliar with it, like myself.

On the negative side the story is short and as such did not have developed enough characters for me to care about any of them. If I were to choose one I would pick Alex's mentor who does not even have a POV.

So my rating does not reflect the quality as such, but rather its length: nice world-building in such short space. For those interested the story is freely available from its GoodReads page (it is not free on Amazon).