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The Spook's Blood

The Spook's Blood - Joseph Delaney If a book description gives away something that happens in the next-to-last chapter, can it be not considered a spoiler? My advice would be to avoid reading it. Anyway we are finally back to the main characters of the series after a detour in the previous book. Spook rebuilds his burned down home and desperately wants to restore his priceless library. So when his former apprentice mentioned a woman inherited a lot of related books and is willing to sell some of them, he immediately sets off accompanied by his current apprentice and the main character of the series Tom Ward.

They arrived to a town split by a river which also forms a border between two countries. The moment the Spook arrived he realized something is very much off in both parts of the town - beginning with the fact that the only bridge connecting them is about to fall down because of neglect. I will stop here not to give away much. The only thing which needs to be mentioned is that this time Tom is put against dark creatures of Romanian descent.
Romanian Folklore1
According to the book, when it comes to creeps that go bump in the night, Romanian monsters eat those of Britain for breakfast.
Romanian Folklore2
I am not talking about just vampires (these overused to death - pun intended - guys are practically non-existent here).

I was not sure how to rate the book: 3 or 4 stars. It might be that it caught me in a good mood, it might be that it was much better than the filler which was the last one; I gave it a higher rating. It was fun and spooky. It was not boring. I liked the continuing development of Tom, Alice, and even some of the dead people.

If you thought things could not get darker after the last adventure of Tom, think again. This one is probably the darkest installment of the series. At this point the series firmly moved from young adult into pure horror territory. Something finally happened - something I was expecting from practically book 1.

I forgot to mention another reason for the higher rating: the next installment looks like a completely unnecessary filler from what I saw and a really good candidate for 2 stars. So I gave a good rating while I still could. The non-filler books are still good and strong.