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Spook's: Alice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #12)

Spook's: Alice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #12) - Joseph Delaney Make no mistakes, this Alice is not exactly the one from Disney:
This one is much closer to that of the series:

The way things were left in the last book which had anything to do with the main plot (previous one was not related to it), Alice was supposed to go into a very nasty place to get an artifact for Tom and his master Spook. Alice was the only one who could do it, so she went. This book is about her adventures in the realm where demons and old gods live. This is also the place where very bad people go after they die.

Oh, how the mighty has fallen! The series with very strong beginning and equally strong middle part lost steam by the end with at least three books being unnecessary filler. This one is such. The actual story is not too long, but it contains two big flashbacks - combined they take about half of the book - with the only purpose to introduce new monsters that gets promptly dispatched of as soon as flashbacks are over.

Speaking about monsters - have you noticed I mentioned afterlife of bad people? Yes, Alice gets to meet every single villain from the previous installments which was killed. This is a clever way to recycle bad guys, but it looks a little cheap.

To add insult to the injury in the end it turned out Alice risked her life and soul for nothing. Sorry if it looks kinda spoiler-ish. This is the second book in the series which gets two stars from me.

Two stars or not, the strength of the first eight books makes me want to finish the series. Last book, here I go. I doubt if I want to read a sequel series about the adult Tom though.