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The Spook's Revenge

The Spook's Revenge - Joseph Delaney The final book of the series; expect major battles, plot twists, some surprising revelations, and deaths of major characters (and villains). At this point I cannot say anything else without spoilers. Let me just mention that this guy makes an appearance to keep things more exciting:
Unfortunately there is no badass Witcher around to help kicking his butt.

I am happy to say the magic of the series is back - is was completely lost starting with around book 9. In other words, I was waiting for this book during my read of fullers that are books 9, 11, and 12 (book 10 is a border case).
Cash Grab
Was the wait worth it? Yes, but I still want my time back, the one I spent reading the books I mentioned above. Yes, I still call them filler material now that I finished the series.

The character development is great, and so are some of the plot twists. Others I could see from a mile off - especially the one I was expecting practically from the first book. The last battle really feels like a battle to end it all.

There are some dangling plotlines left for a sequel series which is supposed to be a trilogy. Unfortunately I will not read it. I read the description of the first book of it and I really do not like the way the series will go. You have at least two very interesting characters replaced by a whiny young girl (before I get called sexist I need to mention that one of the interesting people I mentioned is a woman) - I would not call this exchange fair.

I also read the snick peek at the first book and the scene in it was taken wholesale from one of the previous books, the one I already read (was it 3 or 4?) I also think I will be able to leave without knowing how the unresolved themes will end. A pity as I really like the series - except for the books I keep mentioning.

Would I recommend the series? Yes for anybody with even a passing interest in horror. However I can only recommend it with reservations: get ready for some very frustrating parts that add nothing to the overall picture. You have been warned. On the positive side you have eight excellent books to look forward to before you his the slog. Seriously, try at least the first one.