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The Case of the Curious Bride

The Case of the Curious Bride - Erle Stanley Gardner Curiosity killed a cat.
A curious bride

Nobody could even accuse Perry Mason's book plots of being too straightforward, or being straightforward at all. For this reason my description of the beginning of the plot might not even make sense: it looks something like following:
A complicated plot

A young woman came to Perry Mason for a consultation. She used old as the world trick saying she was making her inquiries in the behalf of her "friend". Even the most clueless reader could see through it, not to mention a hardened criminal defense attorney.

Perry Mason politely but firmly asked her to come clean, but the woman called his bluff and left. At this point the layer realized two things: she already left a retainer for his services with his secretary and he feels guilty about his treatment of her. He started looking for her - not an easy feat considering she gave Mason a fake name and address - and found her just in time to defend her against a murder charge.

Something I noticed by reading fifth book of the series: most of the people killed had been really asking for this. In fact at the end of the book Mason remarks that the murder victim had to be murdered. At this point I am very curious whether an innocent person - or relatively innocent - gets to meet his/her untimely demise in any installment.

My usual notes about the series apply: a very complicated murder mystery, some very fine and unexpected maneuverings in the courtroom trademarked by Perry Mason make this one a very easy and hard to put down read. The final rating is 4 stars.