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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies - William Golding A group read with a bunch of Pantaloonless Buddies.

A group of young boys are dumped on a small island in the middle of Atlantic. The reason for this is very sketchy and the tale starts right after this event. For a while it was all fun and games until it was not: primitive instincts took over and for kids it became kill-or-be-killed survival.
Robinson Crusoe

This book was hailed by some critics as the best novels written in English. This is also an undisputed classic and a required reading in high school. It did not quite work for me. Considering its average rating of 3.62 it did not work for some other people - even discounting the poor souls that were force fed with the classic in aforementioned high school.

Let me make one thing crystal clear before I proceed: I fully acknowledge its classic status and fully understand its significance and influence. It is just me I will explain what exactly did not work.

I did not like the presentation. William Golding was a playwright among other things and I always had a feeling of watching a play instead of reading. Sometimes it was not clear who speaks a particular line of dialog and sometimes the switching of scenes were jumbled - for the lack of a better word. The difference between a play and a book is that in the former you only show while in the latter you have to sometimes tell. This "tell" part was missing.

As any classic book this one delivered a message as well as was an allegory of the human society. It quite succeeded at this, but it sacrificed everything else along the way. It could tell a tale of an adventure as well, but there was not much of it.

The whole island experience as not realistic. You have a bunch of people stranded on an island with a bad diet and nobody ever gets sick. I am not buying it. What about good old sunburns? They did not bother to cover themselves and never get any, why?

The only distinguishable feature between the vast majority of the characters was their names; I had trouble remembering who was who, and I stopped caring after a while.
The Wall
Nothing much happened for about two thirds of the book and when the events finally began unfolding, there was not enough length left for them thus an abrupt resolution suddenly appeared at the end.

One is not supposed to give low ratings to classics, but my conscience would not allow me go higher than 3 stars and this would be my final rating. Once again I would like to stress that I understood the importance of the message.