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Shattered Shields

Shattered Shields - Glen Cook, Joe Zieja, Annie Bellet, Wendy N. Wagner, Seanan McGuire, John R. Fultz, Nancy Fulda, Larry Correia, James L. Sutter, Gray Rinehart, Cat Rambo, David Farland, Dave Gross, John Helfers, Elizabeth Moon, Robin Wayne Bailey, Sarah A. Hoyt, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Jenn Please note: this review will be updated as I read more stories from the anthology.

So as I mentioned this is an anthology of short fantasy stories. The collection consists of the following:

The Keeper of Names by Larry Correia.
In an oppressive medieval society a rebellion is brewing among its lowest cast (slaves). Suddenly a guy shows up among rebels who seems to have overall cynical (or realistic, depending on the point of view) attitude toward the whole revolution thingy. Can he convince others before the point of no return is reached?

It was 3 stars read: decent, but nothing to write home about. One of the scenes comes straight from the original Star Wars movie - and I am not saying this is bad. Entertaining, but ultimately forgettable.

Bone Candy (Black Company) by Glen Cook.
The Black Company
The tale takes part between the first and the second books of the main series. A whole lot of familiar faces are back, including Captain, Lieutenant, Elmo, Silent, Otto, Hagop, Goblin, and One-Eye. The Company is occupying (resting in?) a small town mentioned before in another short story. It feels practically like a vacation except that the Company got itself an overseer from their bitter enemy Whisper and another employee of their common employer, The Lady. It seems very strange and weird happenings keep occurring to the overseer and his bodyguard.

This was the reason I got my hands on this anthology. People familiar with my reviews know I love the series. This is was way too weird. It looks to me Glen Cook decided to pull of Steven Erikson and wrote the story without bothering to explain anything whatsoever. As the result it was confusing from the very beginning to the very end. The only saving grace was familiar people. Oh, and trademarked Croaker's humor. 3 stars is the final rating.

So the final rating for now is 3 stars which I will update later with review of more stories.