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Another Fine Myth

Another Fine Myth - Robert Lynn Asprin “C'mon kid. Think a minute, even if it hurts.”

used to be a magician apprentice until an assassin (who paid for the deed with his life right away) brought an untimely end to his master, but not before the latter summoned a demon.
“The Demon curled its lips back, revealing a double row of needle-sharp teeth. I considered changing my chosen course of action; I considered fainting.”
Now Skeeve was stuck with the said demon who seems to have a very nice friendly personality:
“Are you going to shake my hand, or am I going to rip your heart out?”

To complicate things further the demon turned out to be quite different from what anybody would expect: in his case "Demon" stands for "Dimensional Traveler" and the guy's native dimension was called Perv, making Aazh one of his inhabitants, or Pervert (another hint about his nice personality). The two teamed up to deal with the powerful magician who hired the assassin. Their weapons? Skeeve's rudimentary magic skills and Aazh's ability to talk anybody's head off. Fun times are about to start - and they sure will.

This book is funny. It has everything a good humorous fantasy is supposed to have: great puns, amusing dialog, absurd laugh-out-loud situations, colorful and equally amusing characters.

Sadly this series nowadays is mostly forgotten and the first name that comes up when people think of humorous fantasy is Discworld. However it took Sir Terry Pratchett at least 3 books to become funny; this one makes you smile practically on the second page. The quality does drop off sharply after the first 5 or 6 books, but the initial ones are great.

My only complaint is that it took practically two thirds of the book before the dynamic duo arrived on Deva's Bazaar: a truly colorful place with some excellent recurring characters (see above). I can recommend this series to anybody who needs a good laugh; it also works great as a cure for a book hangover (my personal experience).