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Myth Directions

Myth Directions - Robert Lynn Asprin
This review is dedicated to Iceland team of UEFA Euro 2016. Guys, you showed everybody you do not have to be a high-paid pro to play a good game.

Iceland team

“When old friends get together, everything else fades to insignificance."- War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.

Every chapter of all the books of the series starts with a funny epigraph; I could not resist using one of them above. Anyhow, Skeeve was bored out of his skull doing his job of a court magician (this means doing nothing). It did not help any that it was raining non-stop in the capital of the kingdom which employed Skeeve. Luckily Tanda showed up (for unfamiliar with the series think about a super sexy alien with a green skin from the original Star Trek – this is exactly Tanda).
She invited Skeeve to help her with her shopping in other dimensions.

And so Skeeve went despite Aazh gloomy and pessimistic prediction of an upcoming disaster resulting from the trip. Aazh was right of cause. A bold theft went very wrong and Skeeve barely escaped back home to ask Aazh to help him get Tanda out of a tight spot. Their rescue attempt resulted in a lot of absurd situations – each one is more hilarious than the previous – and culminated in a very memorable game vaguely resembling football/soccer, thus my dedication in the beginning.
Fantasy soccer
Yes, the picture above gives a fairly good idea about that game.

It would be sufficient to say the novel made me laugh out loud in a public place, several times. Strictly speaking it does not exactly reach 5-star level, but anything making me laugh during the reread deserves an extra star. In other good news we get to meet even more interesting and colorful characters, Massha first and foremost. General Badaxe got himself a girlfriend and we learn a very interesting and unexpected tidbit about Tanda’s origins and see her brother up close and personal (hint: he does not need to be seen up close as he is very hard to miss even from a great distance).

It is hard to believe for this subgenre, but there are interesting character developments (for the main characters anyway). Both Skeeve and Aazh grow; even Skeeve’s pet baby dragon does (it takes about 300 years for the little guy to become mature). For this reason the series needs to be read in order. I really cannot say anything more than the following. Are you looking for a funny fantasy? Are you looking for a funny read and do not mind reading fantasy? In both cases you are looking for this. I am also sorry to say, but I like this one (at least first several books) more than Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – Myth series is funnier in my opinion.