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The Case of the Stuttering Bishop

The Case of the Stuttering Bishop - Erle Stanley Gardner A bishop came to Perry Mason for a consultation.
He was extremely vague, but the general idea was that he was trying to help correcting an injustice happened some twenty years ago. A woman seemed to hit somebody while driving intoxicated (they really did not take the whole DUI thing seriously in the very beginning of the twentieth century). The Big Money was involved and the woman was forced to flee. Having given this tiny bit of information the bishop departed to disappear practically without a trace.

Perry Mason now had several problems. The minor one was what to do with the information he had. The biggest one was the doubts about whether the bishop was a genuine article. As everybody knows there are some jobs that require from a person to be able to speak perfectly without any big accent and speech impediment. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a politician with speech problems? Never, that is when. Bishops obviously belong to the same category. This particular one stuttered. Was he really a bishop? Mason was completely hooked on the mystery.

Please to not read the description of the book as for some unknown reason it talks about the middle part of the book without bothering to explain the beginning. Fear not, I just took care of the beginning in the paragraph above.

I usually give 4 stars to a Perry Mason mystery, but this time I rated it lower. The reason for this: I was able to figure out the identity of the villain way before Mason which almost never happens with these mysteries being very complicated. This time I was disappointed in him. There were still a lot of complicated details I overlooked, so the book is not hopeless by any means, just not quite as good as the others.