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Myth-ing Persons

Myth-ing Persons - Robert Lynn Asprin After the events of the last book Skeeve and Aazh as partners got themselves a very nice base of operations with just one tiny little problem: one of the doors in their dwelling (the kind they use in banks for safe vaults) led into an unknown and potentially deadly dimension. Circumstances forced Aazh to go in to investigate while Skeeve was tricked to be left behind.

When Skeeve learned Aazh had stuck in a jail with a murder charge he rushed after his partner almost blindly accompanied by his goon/bodyguard (on a load from the Mob) and Massha. For those unfamiliar with the series, the second companion is a very colorful character who uses her countless jewelry items she wears to perform magic. The said items tend to malfunction often and in the most inappropriate moments. Hilarity ensures.

Now that I reread the book I realized it contains some very subtle signs of the series decline down the road. None of the new characters, including the ones who will reappear later are not as good as already established ones with only possible exception of a werewolf who did not get enough screen time; he reminds me of this guy:
Skeeve's love interest came out completely unbelievable and weak. Who needs a love interest when Tanda is always close by, anyway???

However the escape scene has got to be one of the best in the series if not THE best. It really saves the book and earns it an extra star. I challenge anybody to read it, picture it in your head and try not to smile at least at the absurdity and hilarity of the situation.

I would like to use the opportunity to rant a little. I keep saying that the word "racist" is really overused these days to the point where sometimes it loses its original meaning and just becomes "a person who does not agree with me". I was looking at the reviews for this book and stumbled upon a real gem and a proof of what I just sad. Both author and Skeeve were accused (I am taking seriously here) of being racist towards vampires and werewolves. Now I have seen everything; I will just shut up.