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M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link - Robert Lynn Asprin Now that M.Y.T.H. Inc. became a reality it is time for the company to take on some assignments. The said company took quite a diverse range of them - as diverse as the members of Skeeve's outfit. Let me count them: finding a thief who steals from a factory wholesale, collecting a debt, decorating a hotel, helping an old friend to get out of a really bad contract, and protecting shipping goods. Each assignment is a self-contained story and is told from a different POV of a person/being performing it.

I feel my review of this installment would come out harsher than it needs to be so let me say from the beginning that regardless of what I am about to say it is still good enough for 3 (weak) stars. It has a couple of amusing moments as well as one laugh-out-loud (Tananda's visit to a bar frequented by hardened criminals). It is also short so it is over before the reader gives up on it.

This book is noticeably weaker than the previous one and I already proclaimed that the previous one does not quite reach the level of the first five novels. Skeeve grew up. His growing up signifies his development which is nice and dandy, but he grew up to be a boring person and an asshole to boot. He became a president of a company and being an asshole comes with the job, but this does not make it any more entertaining to read.

I did not like multiple POVs. Skeeve (the teen) was the sole narrator before and his outlook on life really shined. Here some of the POVs are quite boring. Speaking about boring, so are some of the stories. The ones that were not boring were predictable and cliché. Even the only funny moment I mentioned above was cliché, but its execution was top-notch reminding us that Robert Asprin knew how to write genuinely funny stuff.

This is my second time I read this book and it did not become better on the reread. It is time for me to take a hiatus from the series.
I finally recalled why I did not finish it on my first attempt.